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last night


last night i roasted mahi mahi fillets.

I sauted some fennel,onion,bell pepper and garlic then poured it over mahi mahi fillets.  i then poured a lemon juice/olive oil mix over he fish. then i put lemon slice on top.

I roasted it in a 425 over for 20 minutes.

I liked it but Tara didnt .


the disney restaurants


here my review of the disney restaurants. We tried many of them and while none where bad some where better than others. Among th eones we ate at where Fultons crab house in downtown disney,the italian,german and english ones at epcot and the microbrew and cat coras place at the boardwalk.

My favorites where cat coras and the english pub at epcot.  Cat cora (korrazina i think its called) was very good and we went there twice.  I had a braised lamb shank one night and the roasted fish the other night.  my biggest complaint was they use a little to much salt for my tatses but it was still very good.
at the english pub at epcot i had fish and chips outside for lunch and the chicken-mushroom pie inside.  The pie was like the best pot pie ive ever had and the fish and chips was excellent.

I do however have 2 problems with the disney places
1.  I hate having to make reservations and without them your not eating without an extremly long wait . A place like disney needs more places to eat so waiting times w/o reservations are greatly reduced. I dont think you should have to plan dinner 3-4 days out at least when your on vacation
2. Cost.  The disney restaurants are god awful expensive. a meal for 2 with an appetizer but no dessert or liquor/wine was near $100 at a lot of places . I found the prices to be ridiculous. So ridiculous that it has turned me off to a return disney trip for a while. a burger at a restaurant shouldnt be $15. pasta shouldnt be $20-24.  thats insane

Texas roadhouse


dinner last night was the texas roadhouse. the steaks was very good especially for free.  I originally ordered prime rib but after waiting for it for 20 minutes the manager came by and said they were out of it  but if I’d like the rib eye instead they would comp me for it.  DEAL.  The steak was comparable to what you’d get at an outback or lone star,actually better than outback.  Even if I paid for it which i have in the past it was a good deal. 15 bucks including a salad and a baked sweet potato

For the next week i’m going to Disney World so don’t expect to see much if any posting 🙂

A restaurant review


dinner tonight was going out
we went to fonda san miguels.  supposedly the best mexican food in austin.  The food is not your normal enchilada/taco/fajita mexican but much more involved/elegant in a very nice setting.  I had pork baked in a banana leaf and Tara has chicken in a mole sauce. we also split an appetizer of nopalitos,shrimp and a fish salad. For dessert Tara and I shared a slice of very good Tres Leches cake

The food was excellent but very expensive.  With drinks,tip and tax it was $95.  While the food was very good it wasn’t so much better than less expensive mexican to be worthy of the price.  While the food was a 9 id say the value for the money was a 6 at best

Eggplant Parmesan


2 eggplants peeled and cut into 1/2 slices
3/4 cup olive oil
10 oz sliced mozzarella cheese
3 cups marinara sauce
1 cup grated parmesan
2 tbsp kosher salt

sprinkle the eggplant on both sides with the salt. stand the slices up in a colander over a large bowl and let sit for 1 hour to draw out any bitter juices.
after 1 hour wipe the eggplant dry (the salt will have dissolved and ended up in th liquid in the bowl)
preheat the oven to 350
heat 1/4 cup olive oil in a large saute pan. saute the eggplant in batches until browned on both sides. You will need to keep adding oil  as eggplant absorbs a lot while sauteing. drain the slices on a paper towel
spread 3/4 cup sauce on the bottom of an 8×12 nonstick baking dish or a regular dish sprayed with non stick coating
place the eggplant slices in the bottom of the pan
spread the remaining sauce over the eggplant
place the mozzarella slices on the eggplant to cover
sprinkle the parmesan cheese over the top
bake at 350 for 30 minutes
place under broiler for 2-3 minutes until the top is golden brown (watch closely)
remove from oven and let sit for 10 minutes to set up

Serves 4

Marinara sauce


This is the marinara sauce im using for the eggplant parm

28oz can diced tomatoes
5 cloves garlic minced
1 onion diced
1/4 cup fresh basil chopped
1 tsp fresh oregano chopped
1 tsp fresh thyme chopped
1/2 tsp sugar
1 star anise
1/4 cup olive oil

Heat the olive oil over medium heat
saute the onion and star anise on medium heat 10 min
add the garlic and heat 3 more min
add the tomatoes and bring to a boil simmer 20 minutes
add the basil,oregano,thyme and sugar simmer 10 more minutes
let cool a little and puree with an immersion blender