the disney restaurants


here my review of the disney restaurants. We tried many of them and while none where bad some where better than others. Among th eones we ate at where Fultons crab house in downtown disney,the italian,german and english ones at epcot and the microbrew and cat coras place at the boardwalk.

My favorites where cat coras and the english pub at epcot.  Cat cora (korrazina i think its called) was very good and we went there twice.  I had a braised lamb shank one night and the roasted fish the other night.  my biggest complaint was they use a little to much salt for my tatses but it was still very good.
at the english pub at epcot i had fish and chips outside for lunch and the chicken-mushroom pie inside.  The pie was like the best pot pie ive ever had and the fish and chips was excellent.

I do however have 2 problems with the disney places
1.  I hate having to make reservations and without them your not eating without an extremly long wait . A place like disney needs more places to eat so waiting times w/o reservations are greatly reduced. I dont think you should have to plan dinner 3-4 days out at least when your on vacation
2. Cost.  The disney restaurants are god awful expensive. a meal for 2 with an appetizer but no dessert or liquor/wine was near $100 at a lot of places . I found the prices to be ridiculous. So ridiculous that it has turned me off to a return disney trip for a while. a burger at a restaurant shouldnt be $15. pasta shouldnt be $20-24.  thats insane


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