Dim Sum in Austin


I love Dim Sum. Im always on the lookout for new dim sum places. Today we tried Get Sum Dim Sum at 4400 Lamar.

Its not a traditional Dim Sum restaurant,its a cross between traditional dim sum and a quick serve Chinese place. The basic idea is this.
When you walk in you take  plastic coated menu that lists all the dim sum choices (30+). You make your selection on the menu using a dry erase marker. You bring it to the cashier,they ring you up and bring it to your table.

The dim sum was very good. Not the best I’ve ever had very good especially considering the cost. Considering the amount we ate it was very inexpensive. We spent $43 on a ton of food.  The Chef previously worked at a top San Francisco dim sum place.

I heartily recommend Get Dim Sum.
Tara and I both will be back (often)


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