Grilled Chicken


When making chicken on a grill I always have a debate with myself  Do i use direct heat with the problems of flareups or do i use indirect heat which solves the flareup problem but you dont get the crunchy skin I like.  heres my simple solution

Heres what I do
Take a cut up chicken. Sprinkle your favorite rub on it and let it sit for 20 minutes or so
while its sitting prepare the grill for direct heat
When the grill is hot put the chicken skin side down over the  heat.  Cook for 10 minutes. after the 10 minutes are up take them off the grill and go to indirect heat If using a gas grill use the side the burners arent lit on. If using charcoal use can use a pizza stone placed directly on grate. place the chicken back on the grill and using indirect heat cook for 30-35 minutes more until the juices run clean. Baste with your favorite sauce for the last 15 minutes.


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