Smoked Turkey on a grill


Heres how to smoke a turkey on a grill. I used  a 12 pound turkey and it took about 3.5 hours. the actual cooking time will vary depending on how hot your grill is

12lb turkey Not a pre basted kind
2 lemons halved
1 medium onion halved
white wine (cup or so)
disposable foil roasting pan

fresh herbs (i used tarragon rosemary and basil)

about an hour before cooking toss some mesquite chips into warm water to soak.
start the grill for indirect heat If you have a grill thermometer you want about 300 degrees
wash the turkey and pat dry.Remove the pop up thermometer if it has one
brush the turkey all over with olive oil and coat with your favorite rub
20 minutes before cooking fill a gallon freezer bag with ice and place on top of the breast. This will cool the breast so its done at the same time as the leg/thigh
put the herbs,lemon and onion into the cavity of the turkey
toss the wood chips onto the grill so you get a nice smoke
put the turkey in the roasting pan and place on the grill and cook for about 18 min/lb. This time will depend on how hot your grill is. I cooked an 11.5lb turkey and it took about 3 1/3 hours.
about midway in the cooking time pour the wine over the turkey. do this quickly to minimize heat loss. If you want a smokier bird you can toss some more presoaked wood on the grill at this time
keep the lid closed as much as possible to reduce heat and smoke loss
the turkey is done when the thigh is about 175 degrees.
remove the turkey and cover with foil. let rest for 20-30 minutes before carving

NOTE: you can not stuff a turkey cooked like this. The bird wont heat up fast enough and so stuffing it risks bacteria growth.


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