T&s Chinese Seafood


Time for a restaurant review,something I havent done for a while. i had a hankering for good chinese food. I’d heard about T&S Chinese seafood way up north on Lamar and decided to try it for a sunday dinner.

The restaurant is at 10014 N lamar about 2 miles north of 183. Its open 7 days a week and its open late on Thursday-Sunday (1 am)
When you first walk in T&S isnt much to look at. It looks like  a typical dive. But looks are deceiving. Because it was sunday night instead of afternoon we didnt have dim sum which they are know for and instead had a full meal.
Tara has the salt and pepper shrimp and I had Dungeness crab with ginger and scallions. For an appetizer we ordered pot stickers.

It was fantastic. The pot stickers werent greasy like so many are. They had a nice bite to them. Tara loved her shrimp. Its available both shell off and shell (and head) on. Tara chose shell off for ease of eating.  It come on a plate with a bunch of jalapeno peppers but the dish isnt spicy at all
My crab was the whole dungeness with the shell cracked but not taken off. It was messy to eat with all the sauce and the ginger and scallions but I done right in. MMMM MMMMM I ate every bit of the sweet crab meat and sucked up all the scallions and ginger. After the meal they brought us a complementary bowl of a warm tapioca pudding. Tara like it but im not a tapioca eater so I passed.

All in all I give T&S chinese seafood 4 stars… Its my new favorite chinese restaurant in Austin.
i will be back.. often.. Its a good thing its so far from my house or I would eat there every day.
Next I will have to try their dim sum which ive heard is among Austins best



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