Homemade Limoncello


For those that dont know,limoncello is an italian after dinner drink. Very good but also very strong.. But easy to make.
just a warning the resulting limoncello is about 100 proof.

1 qt everclear or other 195 proof grain alcohol
20 lemons
1 qt water
800 grams sugar  (yes thats almost 2 lbs of sugar)

zest the lemons You want just the peel with as little of the white part underneath as possible
put the lemons in the everclear .
let steep for 10 days-2 weeks stiring daily
strain the everclear into another jar with a tight fitting lid
bring 1 qt water to a boil
stir in the sugar until its dissolved.
let cook to room temperature and then mix with the  everclear
place in a freezer for 1 week or more to blend.
Best served ice cold.


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