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Congee or Jook


Congee,or Jook as it is sometimes called is a cantonese rice porridge. it makes a great breakfast meal. you can easily make it the day before and just reheat it in the morning. This is more of a guide than an exact recipe. other than the rice-broth proportion i really dont measure the spices exactly. you can also add other seasoning.veggies,whatever you want for your taste. I made this with turkey broth but any kind of broth should work. This makes a nice thick congee if you want it thinner use less rice

1 gallon broth
2 2/3 cups rice
6-8 dried chinese black mushrooms soaked in warm water until soft,sliced and soakign water retained
1 can straw mushrooms
1/4 cup oyster sauce
1/4 cup soy sauce
thumb sized piece of ginger,peeled and minced

brink broth to a boil. add remaining imgredients including reserved soaking liquid
reduce heat and simmer covered about 90 minutes or so until a nice thick consitency