chicken soup


traditional jewish chicken soup. takes some time but oh so good. best cooked the day before

1 roasting chicken
3 lbs chicken necks
16 cups water
3 celery stalks roughly chopped
3 carrots roughly chopped
3 onions sliced in half thru the root end
1 tbsp black peppercorns
a handful of fresh dill sprigs
1 tbsp kosher salt

all all the ingredients to a large stock pot
bring to a boil
skim off the scum that floats to the top
reduce heat to a simmer,partially cover and cook 3 hours
strain through cheesecloth or a chinois

the meat from the chicken can be saved for other uses or chopped and some added back tot he soup.
if made the day before refreigerate and the fat will solidify on top. remove it before reheating


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