roasted turkey stock


its the holiday season.  you roasted a turkey for dinner and now all thats left is the carcass
dont let it go to waste,turn it into turkey stock for use as base for soup.  It takes some time but not a lot of work

1 turkey carcass plus the neck bone. If you have any bones from the drumstick and wings even better
3 onions halved,no need to peel just pull off the loose skins
2 leeks white part and 1/2 the green roughly chopped
3 carrots roughly chopped
2 bay leaves
1 Tbsp whole peppercorns
1 Tbsp dried thyme
1 Tbsp minced garlic
2 cups white wine

preheat the oven to 450
break the carcass  into managable pieces
place on a rimmed cookie sheet and roast 20 minutes
put carcass in a stock pot
spread the onions and carrots on the cookie sheet and roast 20 minute
add to the stock pot
place the cookie sheet on the stove (you will need 2 burners
add the wine and stir up browned bits
cook over medium heat for 3 minutes
pour into stock pot
add enough water to cover the carcass (i used 6 quarts)
add the remaining ingredients
bring to a boil and reduce heat to simmer
skim off any scum
simmer for 3 hours
strain the broth


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