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T&s Chinese Seafood


Time for a restaurant review,something I havent done for a while. i had a hankering for good chinese food. I’d heard about T&S Chinese seafood way up north on Lamar and decided to try it for a sunday dinner.

The restaurant is at 10014 N lamar about 2 miles north of 183. Its open 7 days a week and its open late on Thursday-Sunday (1 am)
When you first walk in T&S isnt much to look at. It looks like  a typical dive. But looks are deceiving. Because it was sunday night instead of afternoon we didnt have dim sum which they are know for and instead had a full meal.
Tara has the salt and pepper shrimp and I had Dungeness crab with ginger and scallions. For an appetizer we ordered pot stickers.

It was fantastic. The pot stickers werent greasy like so many are. They had a nice bite to them. Tara loved her shrimp. Its available both shell off and shell (and head) on. Tara chose shell off for ease of eating.  It come on a plate with a bunch of jalapeno peppers but the dish isnt spicy at all
My crab was the whole dungeness with the shell cracked but not taken off. It was messy to eat with all the sauce and the ginger and scallions but I done right in. MMMM MMMMM I ate every bit of the sweet crab meat and sucked up all the scallions and ginger. After the meal they brought us a complementary bowl of a warm tapioca pudding. Tara like it but im not a tapioca eater so I passed.

All in all I give T&S chinese seafood 4 stars… Its my new favorite chinese restaurant in Austin.
i will be back.. often.. Its a good thing its so far from my house or I would eat there every day.
Next I will have to try their dim sum which ive heard is among Austins best



Din Ho Chinese BBQ


We went to Din Ho Chinese BBQ at 8557 Research Blvd for lunch. I had the BBQ pork/roast duck combo plate and Tara had her standby orange beef.
all I can say is wow. It was like being in chinatown again,complete with the roast ducks hanging by the door.. Best chinese food we’ve had in Austin by far. I think I could eat here every day. Its probably a good thing its on the other side of town from us.

Trattoria Lisina


Tonight we went to Trattoria Lisina in Driftwood for some Italian food. Ive wanted to try it for a while and we finaly made it there. The restuarant is in Driftwood on FM150 about 3 miles from the intersection of 1826 and 150. Its on the ground of the Mandola 9soom to be Dutchman) winery.

Tara and I shared the antipasto plate. It had 3 large sheets of prosciutto,some ilalian salami,mozzarella balls, artichoke hearts,sqaush,olives and caramelized onions. It was excellent although I thought the salami was a little to hot for my tastes,at least as salami goes.

For main courses I has the Osso Bucco and Tara had baby back ribs glazed with honey. My dish was 2 veal shanks on a pile of garlic mashed potatoes. Taras came with roasted potatoes. tara really liked her ribs,I thought they were good but with the Salt Lick near by,if Im going to have ribs thats were I’m going. My Osso Bucco was excellent. its one of my favorite Italian dishes and I hadn’t had it since we came to Texas.

Overall for the 2 entrees,appetizer,ice tea and diet coke the bill was $70 including tax and tip.
Id rate it as the best Italian we’ve had yet in Texas. Very recommended

Cypress Grill


Tonight we went to to my favorite Austin Cajun place,Cypress grill. Wednesdays you can get a bowl of soup,entree and split a dessert for $20 or $24 for 2 depending on what you order. We went for teh $24 for 2 specials

I had Gumbo and Jambalya Tara had crawfish bisque chicken atchafalaya  which is a breaded chicken breast smothered in crawfish etouffee serverd over rice. for dessert we split a bread pudding.

The soups were both excellent. It s a close call for who has the best gumbo in austin between evangelines on brodie and cypress grill. I think i give cpress the nod. Taras bisque was also very good but im not a huge bisque fan. As far as entrees Taras was excellent. Mine was good but the Jambalaya had a little to much pepper for my taste. Not overly hot but peppery. The bread pudding was also very good

All in all it was  avery satisfying meal and for $35 including sodas,tax and tip it was well worth it. It you havent tried cypress grill I recommend it. its on william cannon just west of mopac

Dim Sum in Austin


I love Dim Sum. Im always on the lookout for new dim sum places. Today we tried Get Sum Dim Sum at 4400 Lamar.

Its not a traditional Dim Sum restaurant,its a cross between traditional dim sum and a quick serve Chinese place. The basic idea is this.
When you walk in you take  plastic coated menu that lists all the dim sum choices (30+). You make your selection on the menu using a dry erase marker. You bring it to the cashier,they ring you up and bring it to your table.

The dim sum was very good. Not the best I’ve ever had very good especially considering the cost. Considering the amount we ate it was very inexpensive. We spent $43 on a ton of food.  The Chef previously worked at a top San Francisco dim sum place.

I heartily recommend Get Dim Sum.
Tara and I both will be back (often)

sazons in austin


went to Sazons on Lamar for dinner. We had empandas for an appetizer. I had fish baked in a banana leaf and tara had a chicken mole dish. her mole had more chocolate in it thean most.  I tasted it and really liked it and im not usually a mole eater. My fish was also very good. The empanada I thought were just ok. The waitress said it was a specialty They had something called a corn truffle in it.  I wouldnt order them again.

All in all Sazons is very good reasonably priced and not the typical mexican you get in austin

Id give it 3 stars

A restaurant review


dinner tonight was going out
we went to fonda san miguels.  supposedly the best mexican food in austin.  The food is not your normal enchilada/taco/fajita mexican but much more involved/elegant in a very nice setting.  I had pork baked in a banana leaf and Tara has chicken in a mole sauce. we also split an appetizer of nopalitos,shrimp and a fish salad. For dessert Tara and I shared a slice of very good Tres Leches cake

The food was excellent but very expensive.  With drinks,tip and tax it was $95.  While the food was very good it wasn’t so much better than less expensive mexican to be worthy of the price.  While the food was a 9 id say the value for the money was a 6 at best